Vertical Turbine Pump

Ramtech’s Rotating Equipment solutions include, but are not limited to:

Trillium’s Floway is full range of vertical turbine pumps that are designed for process, water & wastewater tailing, and dewatering applications. Our vertical turbine pumps are designed for NSF 61 or ANSI 372 potable water applications and other applications such as: finished water, high service, raw water intake, river water or lake intake, reverse osmosis feed, recycled water, reclaimed water, final effluent, secondary water, backwash water, brackish water, and aquifer storage in a sump (VS1) or barrel (VS6) design.

To increase the life span of our pumps, we use the most durable wear and corrosion-resistant materials. The pumps are designed by our expert engineers and manufactured to strict requirements of API, HI, and NSF at the dedicated state-of-the-art facility in Fresno, California in the United States. We provide each of our customers a unique level of service and support, so you are assured of guidance, responsive solutions, and long-term plans that optimize your efficiency and resources.