Portfolio Solutions: Water Treatment

Ramtech’s Water Treatment Equipment solutions include, but are not limited to:

Lime Slakers

STT has extensive experience with designing, integrating, installing, and maintaining lime storage, handling, and slaking systems. This provides us with the expertise on how each part of the process functions both as an individual component and as an integrated system. We engineer solutions that fit your needs and exceed your safety, efficiency, and reliability standards. Our lifecycle approach to these systems means that we will work with you to keep your lime system running efficiently and free of unplanned interruptions for the life of your system.

Visit Water University to watch SST’s webinar to learn more.


Based in Troy, New York, RW Gates manufactures the highest quality, most reliable, and longest-lasting gates in the industry. Some examples of types of gates we have available gates are; Slide, stop, flap, stop, weir, sludge, shear, and roller. Also available are telescoping and mud valves.