Portfolio Solutions: Water Treatment

Ramtech’s Water Treatment Equipment solutions include, but are not limited to:

Cartridge Filters

Ramtech is a proud distributor of Harmsco Filtration Products, which has manufactured innovative and cost-effective solutions for water filtrations since 1958. Their full array of NSF 61 listed products, including the Harmsco Hurricane Filter, and shipped directly to the site saving you the cost of shipping and storage fees.

Visit Water University to watch Harmsco’s webinar to learn more.

UV Disinfection

For over 30 years Ramtech has promoted and supported TrojanUV systems to help our customers treat municipal water and wastewater. There are over 11,000 municipal TrojanUV system installations across 100 countries, treating a collective flow rate of over 70 billion gallons every day. This is the largest municipal UV Disinfection installation base in the world and includes over 300 installations in Western Canada.

Visit Water University to watch Trojan Technologies’ webinars to learn more.

TrojanUV’s subsidiary Viqua is specifically geared towards small water systems including point of use, point of entry, and small centralized applications. We have available NSF 55 Class A and USEPA validated systems to meet the strict requirements of local regulators. Ramtech is happy to provide advice on the correct system to use for your application.

Visit Water University to watch Trojan Technologies’ webinars to learn more.

TrojanUV’s industrial branch is Aquafine. Based on Trojan technology they are able to provide UV systems for an array of industrial and commercial applications. This includes microbial inactivation, TOC, chlorine, and chloramine reduction in markets such as food and beverage, aquaculture, microelectronics, pharmaceutical, and hospitals.

Visit Water University to watch Trojan Technologies’ webinars to learn more.