Portfolio Solutions: Wastewater Treatment

We proudly provide Wastewater Treatment to the communities within the past decades…

Primary Clarification (chains and flights)

Viking Chains quality products include Chain, Sprockets, Flights, Wear Shoes, Bearings, Shafts, and Static Sleeve Bushings. Practically every consumable in Clarifiers, Grit Channels, Bar Screens, Traveling Water Screens for all water and wastewater applications are supplied by Viking Chains Group-Enviro Division out of Langley, BC.


Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR)

Xylem’s Sanitaire ICEAS Advanced SBR is a continuous flow biological treatment system that provides multiple advantages versus conventional activated sludge and other SBRs by bringing together process, aeration, decanting, and control in a single treatment tank. It is fully automated and includes a completely integrated process design consisting of the aeration system, blowers, pumps, mixers, effluent decanters, monitoring and control equipment, and a comprehensive process control system.

The ICEAS Advanced SBR is designed to reduce complexity of operation. Unlike conventional activated sludge plants, there is no need for primary or secondary settlement tanks or return sludge pumps. All treatment is done in a single basin. Continuous inflow distributes variations in flows and loads evenly across all basins – simplifying day-to-day operations and operational changes, as well as accommodating single basin operation for low flow and maintenance conditions.