Mixing Equipment

Ramtech’s Wastewater Treatment Equipment solutions include, but are not limited to:

Flygt’s compact adaptive mixers with integrated VFDs revolutionize the wastewater treatment industry by bringing complete control and adaptability into the mixing process. Their standard control system with pre-set control incorporates many built-in valuable features providing large energy savings, key autonomous protection capabilities, and scalability for flexible control functionality. By matching speed to the real-world requirements of the plant significant energy savings can be realized compared to pre-set speed mixers.

Advanced Process Mixing (APM) formerly known as Revolmix and developed an innovative, made in Canada, solution for top entry mixer applications. Unlike conventional mixers, APM creates a tornado like flow pattern with superior solids suspension capacity and disperses particles more efficiently.

Enviromix Compressed Gas Mixing Systems provide uniform mixing of tank contents by firing programmed, short-duration bursts of compressed air through patented, engineered nozzles located near the tank floor. The mixing parameters may be adjusted to optimize mixing and power utilization, either through operator input or automated process feedback. This is all done with next to no oxygen transfer to the liquid due to the size of the large bubble.

Visit Water University to watch Enviromix’s webinar to learn more.